Empowering Innumerable Businesses Across Industries


Streamline operations, allocate natural resources smartly, and maximise efficiency

We help service customer complaints in the utility sector faster by creating high quality digital maps using state-of-the-art laser scanning and photogrammetry methods. Our clients benefit by reducing times to address customer complaints and increase service level efficiencies.


Locate more resources, track mine assets, and improve operational efficiency

The mining industry faces many challenges starting from conducting surveys at remote locations, designing infrastructure, capturing details to continually complying with environmental regulations. By using robust digital datasets developed by our analysts using photogrammetry & liDAR methods, our clients generate significant savings in their field-work investments for ground surveys. The digital data can also be shared across different departments, thereby optimising operating costs during subsequent planning and mineral extraction.

Oil and Gas

Identify favorable sites, prioritize maintenance, analyse risks, and meet demands

We have assisted clients in the Oil & Gas vertical overcome the challenges in asset integrity management through the provision of as-built documentation using 3D laser scanning. Our services enable accurate representation of existing conditions of facilities, thereby minimizing conflicts between new and existing components during facility upgrade projects. Our clients have been able to reduce follow-up visits and maintenance activities onsite, improve safety standards, and increase flexibility for future brownfield modifications.


Plan, monitor, manage and optimise transportation on road, air, and water

By using our quality digital maps and intelligent models developed using photogrammetry, liDAR & laser scanning methods our clients in the transportation and LBS industry are able to provide travellers with safe, reliable and high quality information. Digital content is created and updated through a variety of means for all transportation features along highways, railways, bridges, tunnels and public transit. Our solutions improve safety, increase efficiency and predictability of travel time and distance.


Identify profitable & environmentally sustainable projects and measure long-term impact

The imagery datasets developed by Magnasoft using remote sensing and analytical tools have proven to be efficient alternatives for generating habitat maps and study afforestation, deforestation, species identification, erosion surveys and change detection, compared to conventional field work methods. Our domain experience enables results in ready-to-use, quality data for faster decision making and planning. Clients have benefited with superior spatial precision and accuracy while achieving sustainable forest management objectives and goals.

Location Based Services

Manage your fleets through real-time tracking and streamline operations

Location based services requires safe and effective management of resources guided by real-time tracking and historic data analysis. Our back office and field force application for mobile enterprises help you reduce operation costs and streamline operations. The platform gives you on-the-move solutions for advanced fleet visibility, emergency dispatch, workforce optimization, and delivery optimization. We also specialize in designing, developing and implementing complete LBS solutions for Personal Security and School Bus Safety systems. You can now solve any business challenge by analyzing territories and mapping better routes.

Architecture, Engineering and Consulting (AEC)

Enhance project management by planning smarter Buildings

We assist public and private sector organizations in the AEC vertical to improve operational efficiencies by providing intelligent 3D models which establish easy information exchange between all stakeholders to effectively manage the entire infrastructure life cycle. With the additional use of building information management (BIM) technologies, our clients are able to further minimize time and cost of designing, building and facilitate smooth and safe on-field operations.

Urban Bodies

Plan smarter, well-maintained and connected cities; and manage land records 

We help clients in the Land, Property & Infrastructure sectors to improve urban and regional planning, smart city development and e-Governance using accurate digital maps. We create these maps for bespoke end-applications, from diverse temporal inputs, using state-of-the-art geospatial technologies, workflow systems and customised, process driven quality assurance techniques. Our clients benefit by getting access to consistent, reliable and accurate information and provide faster services to customers and citizens.