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BIM Consulting

BIM Consulting

With Magnasoft’s comprehensive consulting services, rest assured of a smooth transition from your existing infrastructure to a BIM environment. Build capabilities and benefits through strategic planning using BIM technologies. We guide your organization through the technical challenges of implementing BIM so you can deliver value in an informed, collaborative, and efficient manner. In an industry that is driven by competition, we ensure you have access to the right information, at the right time.

BIM Implementation

BIM technology implementation enables transition from a redundant 2D, document-centric model to a robust 3D environment. It takes significant effort, and time and cost investment. We smooth the transition by analysing your current workflow, policies, strategies, and delivery methods and developing best practices, standards and processes that will maximize project outcome. We deliver coordinated BIM support services, meticulous estimation of cost and quantity of materials, optimized field cycle time, and also ensure building code compliance. We will support you through the entire cycle of change management. You can now set achievable goals for succeeding with BIM.

BIM Management

Finding the right personnel with the expertise and knowledge to manage a BIM project is nothing short of a herculean task. But that shouldn’t stop you from staying ahead of time. Magnasoft coordinates and validates BIM projects to boost your productivity. We manage all aspects of a BIM project including tender support, vendor selection, information exchange and management, documentation support, onsite/offsite management, etc. We develop accurate digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of structure through increased communication and coordination across stakeholders. BIM management has never been this hassle-free.

BIM Training

Ensuring all stakeholders in a project are functionally well-versed with BIM is essential to harness its competitive advantage. Magnasoft provides training for tools and software, BIM standards, and design & analysis methodologies through onsite engagement. The training helps designers, engineers, and contractors learn about efficient and effective modelling. It encompasses modules that are not only necessary for a specific project, but also techniques that are necessary for enhancing the efficiency of any design project. The modules can also be customized based on the prior knowledge of the team and the type of project.

BIM Services

BIM Services

Magnasoft offers a complete suite of BIM services that cover the entire project life-cycle. Transform you drawings, plans, and blueprints to digital BIM models, rich in details and specifications using the versatile tools of BIM. We enable architects, engineers, and contractors implement and adopt BIM so your project is profitable and most efficient. With precise data and strategic planning, you can wave goodbye to risks, unanticipated expenses, and time delays, and embrace tested processes across all lifecycles of your project.

BIM 3D Modeling

3D modelling is taking low and high budget projects to the next level of visualization and coordination. It is also proving to be a very effective tool for cost planning and scheduling. At Magnasoft, we’ve built our expertise in Architectural 3D Modeling, Structural 3D Modeling, MEP, Clash detection, and COBIE BIM services to aid the design, planning, and visualization of construction projects. Transform the way you work by streamlining operations and enhancing collaborations with your partners at all stages of construction.

BIM 3D Visualization

3D Visualization and Modelling is at the heart of BIM technology and is revolutionizing the construction industry. By heightening the model from a simple design tool to a master data source asset, we enable you to stay innovative and competitive. Our data labs bring BIM models to life through Rendering, Walkthrough and Fly-through, Graphics, Animations, and movies of Construction Sequences. This visual clarity helps you understand the scope of the project, manage quality, and also prevent potential problems. With a data-driven approach to asset design, construction, installation, and maintenance, you can now enhance every segment of your building.

BIM 3D Quality Take-off

Comprehensive and accurate quantity take-off is vital to maintain a stringent schedule and budget. We provide 3D QTO services by analysing each piece of BIM geometry, and calculating quantities and cost. Our technology, powered by 4D schedules and 5D estimates, projects an accurate time estimate by optimizing the list of materials with quantities and types. The projections are more precise and efficient compared to conventional calculation methods. The application also allows you to track the quantities identified at all times. You can manage the entire schedule of the project, shortlist sub-contractors, and process invoices hassle-free.

BIM 3D Design Coordination

Design coordination of plans provided by different disciplines of building is becoming increasingly complex and important in order to successfully pull off a construction project. Traditional 2D rendering no longer meets the business needs of the burgeoning industry. Magnasoft provides you with a platform that combines, coordinates, and integrates 3D models with ease. This allows you to detect conflicting alignment in any of the construction departments so they can be rectified at an early stage. We implement VDC technologies for coordination, interactive walk through, construction sequencing, interference check, value engineering, and recommendation. You can save drastically on execution costs and incorporate lean constructions with this technology.

BIM 3D Scheduling

Time schedules play an important role in the construction industry, failure to adherence to which results in tremendous losses. 3D models of building components can be plotted against time, which can project the stage of construction at different points in time. Our range range of different 3D scheduling services include location-based quantity take-off, flow-line scheduling, and onsite production control and communication. Based on the scheduling information provided by the application, we also help you plan material delivery schedules and other related logistics. With this knowledge, you can keep the site free of excessive material and personnel, and strategize your construction.

BIM 3D Data Management

A 3D integrated model with building information to all parties involved in the project enables successful planning and execution of a project. But it’s truly purposeful only if the platform allows the parties to communicate and collaborate with one another. We present an online BIM platform in collaboration with Autodesk, which connects teams and gathers models and project data on a single collaboration platform. Any change made on the 3D model by any one teams will reflect on all others’ models as well. With this technology, you will hours of time in coordination and data transfer, thus boosting profitability and productivity.

BIM 3D Asset Management

During BIM implementation, data is gathered and updated continuously during planning and construction phase. This reduces workload caused by retroactive data and prevents data redundancy. Effective asset management contributes to effective decision making, planning, and execution of activities on assets. Magnasoft offers an integrated enterprise-wide system which provides clear, accessible information for managing the construction and asset life cycle. With this system, you can enhance operational efficiency and improve asset value through maintenance, alterations, renewals, and replacements.

BIM Productivity Tools

BIM Productivity Tools

Magnasoft offers a full suite of editing tools from proprietary architectures to wirelessly-networked, server-based & handheld-based solutions that leverage SOA and Web controls. Magnasoft has the latest BIM production tools which help our clients in saving time & cost on production/modeling. We keep a track of new version/plug-ins and add-on tools to better our performance and the output. We engage our R&D division majorly into finding new avenues to deliver robust production tools. Magnasoft works with client specific tools for 4D sequencing and 5D costing.